Alexander Voet II (c. 1635-after 1695) after Cornelis de Wael (1592-1667)

[Antique print, etching/ets]: AUTUMNUS (set: The four seasons)/Herfst, published ca. 1680.

Plate from a set of four; titled at the bottom: ‘AUTUMNUS’.

Numbered and signed at bottom: ‘Cornelio de Wael Jnventor. / Alex Voet exc.’

The plate features a scene in the interior of a barn, with grapes being thrown into a barrel to be pressed into wine (druiven worden geperst tot wijn). Due to his moving to Italy, the representations by Cornelis de Wael portray contemporary Italian genre scenes, rather than Dutch. His etchings are further characterized by a vivid and free line, almost like sketches. Beautiful plate.

Handwritten inscription on the bottom right.

Etching on paper with margins; plate mark: 232 x 303 mm; total: 251 x 344 mm; state II/2. Three wormholes almost indetectable. Some stains and smudges especially on corners. Hollstein 81.

Incl. BTW  363,00

Excl. BTW  300,00

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