after Jacques Callot (1592-1635)

[antique print, etching] Entrée du Duc Charles IV. ca. 1627.

Detail from a larger composition invented by Jacques Callot, representing the triumphal entry of Charles IV in Nancy. The regent is presented as the deity of sun. Though the chariot in this impression precedes that of Charles IV. On its highest portion, Athena / Minerva is standing on a pedestal with her spear and a shield; two figures stand in front of her, one pointing towards the front (in the original accompanied by a peacock, hence Juno) and the other holding a vase with a large plant. Three stairs lead to a lower stage, where is a garden and a fountain. Further on the other side of the chariot is Cupid about to shoot one of his arrows. Leading the chariot are two male creatures, half men and half tree, sprinkled with water by a satyr in the front of the cart.

Etching on paper with margins; plate mark: 67 x 106, total 107 x 150 mm. Rust stains on the margins especially, though some affect the plate; there are two traces of pinched paper otherwise great impression. On the top margin a pin hole. Lieure 582, mirrored.

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