Gerard de Lairesse (1640-1711); Bernardus Kleynhens (1702-1779)

[Antique print, etching] De LXIIII Geslacht Wapenen van de Prins van Oraenjen etc. en de Wapenen der 7 Vereenigde Nederlanden met hare Steden etc., published ca. 1672.

Print that illustrates the 63 family coats-of-arms of prince Willem III, Prince of Oranje-Nassau and king of England, and the coats-of-arms of the Republic of the Seven Provinces of the Netherlands with its cities, in an allegorical frame, crowned with the coat-of-arms of the prince.

The Dutch Virgin is enthroned at the top. Her hand rests on a rudder, under her arm she carries a book. Left of the Dutch Virgin is the blindfolded Justice with the scales followed by Caution looking through a mirror. Towards the bottom, Father Time (winged hourglass) points to the different arms in the frame. Under him is the personified abundance with pomegranate on a trail in her hands and two putti that bundle arrows together, a symbol of unity. To the right of the Dutch Virgin is Minerva who symbolizes wisdom with an olive branch, next to her flies Fama with the trumpet. Under her, a putto with his torch burns the personified war and the moaning Thief is chained.

Etching on paper, two sheets joined in the middle; plate mark: 502 x 403 mm, total: 570 x 486 mm; Hollstein 77 (states not indicated), Roy G 69-7(8); stains and smudges along the margins especially. Crispy paper with tears and folds on corners and margins especially, light damp stains.

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