Delaune, Etienne (1518-1595)

[Antique print, engraving, published before 1566] November [The twelve months series)]/De Maand november, 1 p.

Eleventh engraving from the suite of 12 entitled ‘Première Suite des Mois de l’Année’ with an allegory of the month of November. Wreaths with bucrania and wild pigs decorate the frame; the medaillon at the top center contains the zodiacal sign of the Sagitarius. A shepherd is grazing some wild pigs while a woman is resting on the right on a stump of a tree. Hilly landscape towards the background. At the bottom on a cartouche: ‘Glandibus infercit porcos, mensasq. Nouember / Opiparas reddit, auibus, pinguiq. ferina / Cum pri Regis’. Nr. ´32´ on the bottom right

Engraving on paper, trimmed within platemark; total: 176 x 239 mm. State I/2 before plate numbering.

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