Delaune, Etienne (1518-1595)

[Antique print, engraving, published before 1566] May [The twelve months series)]/De Maand Mei, 1 p.

Fifth engraving from the suite of 12 entitled ‘Première Suite des Mois de l’Année’ with an allegory of the month of May. Wreaths with musical instruments decorate the frame; the medaillon at the top center contains the zodiacal sign of the Gemini. A garden with a fountain in the center, on the background a mountainous landscape. To the left women are making flower garlands, at the center men, women and children are singing from opened books, on the right four women are playing other instruments. At the bottom on a cartouche: ‘Coeperat Aprili Lucinia euoluere cantus / Maio quos repetit: Nymphae dum sertula nectunt / Cum pri Regis’. On the bottom right corner number ’26’ added in ink.

Engraving on paper, trimmed within platemark; total: 176 x 238 mm. State I/2 before plate numbering.

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