after Goltzius, Hendrick (1558-1617)

Antique Print, Engraving 1602 – The Unequal Couple – After H. Goltzius, published 1602, 1 p.

A young woman and an old man, or an ill-matched couple, a theme that was quite popular in the seventeenth century. The young woman anxiously covers a jug with er hand. Below an inscription comments on this detail: ‘Decrepitus juvenem lepidamque movere Puellam / Conatur, turpi victus amore senex / Cascus ait, cascam: corpucula digna patula / Quaero: conjugii spes tibi nulla mei.’ which translates: ‘Taken by shameful love the decrepit old man tries to persuade the jolly girl. But she says: Old goes with old, I look for a lid that fits my jug. I think you do not match me’. On the right crest of Goltzius family with his monogram. Address of Claes Jansz. Visscher on the bottom right: ‘JCVisscher ex.’ (JCV monogrammed).

Engraving on paper with margins; plate mark: 205 x 120 mm, total: 219 x 143 mm; state III/3; New Hollstein D9, Bartsch III, p. 113, nr. 92

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