Boissard, Robert (c.1570-1601), after Oostsanen, /Jacob Cornelisz. Van (1460/65-1533)

[Antique portrait print, engraving, ca 1599] Alardus Amstelredamus Belga philosophus nascitur an obit Lovany an 1541 (Portret van Allard van Amstelredamus), published ca 1599, 1 p.

Portrait of the humanist Alardus Amstelredamus (1490-1541), theologian and poet, active in Leuven. Portrait in oval with inscriptions on the oval frame and on cartouche at the bottom. The top corners are decorated with butterflies and flowers and the bottom corners with flowers and rodents. Inscription on the oval frame: ‘ALARDUS AMSTELR / EDAMUS BELGA PH / ILOSOPHUS NASCITUR / AN OBYT LOVANY AN.1541’; inscription on the cartouche: ‘Agricolam logices nisi gloria prima sequantur / Amstelredamo debita sola fuit.’ on the bottom right: ‘Hhh·3’. Monogrammed ‘AB’on the left above the shoulder. From Boissard’s ‘Icones quinquaginta virorum illustrium doctrina & eruditione præstantium ad vivum effictæ, : cum eorum vitis (1597)’, p. 210.

Alardus Amstelredaum (1491-1544) is seen as a representative of ‘biblical humanism’. He prepared text editions and wrote theological works, occasional poetry and letters. He was born in Amsterdam and was a relative of Meynard Man, the abbot of the Benedictine abbey at Egmond. Later he corresponded with Arnoldus Montanus. Het had contact with Erasmus and other humanists.

Engraving on paper with broad margins; plate mark: 140 x 107 mm; total: 184 x 139 mm

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