Bryant, Jacob.

A NEW SYSTEM, or, an ANALYSIS of ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY : Wherein an Attempt is made to divest Tradition of fable; and to reduce the Truth to its Original Purity. In this Work is given an History of the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Canaanites, Helladians, Ionians, Leleges, Dorians, Pelasgi: also of the Scythae, Indoscythae, Ethiopians, Phenicians, London T. payne, P. Elmsly, B. White, J. Walter 1774, 3 Volume set, complete. Volume I xx, (i), 516 pp. Volume II vii, (i), 537 pp. Volume III viii,

Bound in full leather with 6 compartment spines, with title and flower decoration in gold. Bindings damaged, bfront joints of boards damages, front loose of Volume 3. Name under the engravings is that of James Basire, but it is generally believed that these are the first engravings of his apprentice William Blake.
Every volume has the ex libris of Thomas Botfield on the first page. Illustrated with 10 engravings in Volume I, 19 engravings in Volume II, 3 maps of which 2 folding in Volume III. Some foxing on the pages, but text is good readable. Opposite pages of the engravings have traces of the print visible.

Thomas Botfield (1762-1843) was an English metallurgist, geologist, magistrate and deputy-lieutenant of Shropshire, and inventor of a method of smelting and making iron. He was one of the original members of the Geological Society, and early a fellow of the Society of Arts. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the Horticultural Society, a member of the Royal Institution, and of the Royal Geographical and Agricultural Societies. He was a frequent attendant at the meetings of the British Association, and in his visits to the metropolis rarely missed a meeting of any society to which he belonged.

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