Hooghe, Romeyn de (1645-1708)

[Satirical print/spotprent] Het beest van Babel is aan ‘t vluchten, published 1689.

Satirical broadside describing the arrival of William III in England and the overthrow of James II and his Roman Catholic policies; the plate shows in the foreground on the right William (7) in armor, riding the Dutch lion (1), attacking the many-headed Babylonian dragon (2) with his lance. Above William flies the angel of Providence (3). To left, priests and Catholic officials (4) flee, some riding on goats, wolves and asses. The dragon carries the infant Prince of Wales holding a windmill (5) held by Father Petre (6). The lion rides over fallen monks and Jesuits (8) and two decapitated heads of the dragon. In the center background, William is received by English notables (9). To left, James (10) departs in a small boat from a river-shore with a ruined church; to the right, he is received by Louis XIV (11), together with Mary of Modena and the infant Prince of Wales. With engraved title: “Het beest van Babel is aan ‘t vluchten”. The address below the title is fake: “Gisling Geneve exc.”, behind it, probably lies Romeyn de Hooghe. Two columns of Dutch text with explanation of the numbers reported in the composition. 1688-1689.
Round label with date “12 AUG. 1943 / M 218” possibly from an earlier sale.

Etching and text in letterpress; plate mark: 223 x 286 mm, total: 361 x 309 mm; several repairs on the verso, left margin reinforced; to the front on the left a repair with a small label; close cut to the text below. M 2776

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