Satirical engraving/Spotprent: De Commando-brug van Amsterdam naar ‘s Hage.

Satirical print of unknown artist with title: De Commandobrug van Amsterdam naar ‘s Hage, with letterpress text partly in the platemark and 20-line verse: Grootachtige Bruggeman! daar leidt de heele wagen! Is dit een fundament voor zulk een zware vragt (…). Satrirical print regarding the Patriots. In this satirical print the Amsterdam mayor Joachim Rendorp (nickname: De Bruggenmaker: The Bridgemaker) is fooled because he proposed to give the command over The Hague back to the prince (proposal of September 1785, the definite decision dated July-September 1786). A carriage car with the arms of the prince is pulled by nine horses but plunges into the depth as the bridge is collapsing. In the background the view of Amsterdam.

According to Rijksmuseum dated 1786, see

Etching and engraving, total: 310 mm high x 230 width. Edges slightly torn, some brown spots at the back, not disturbing the print on the front. Nice contrasting print.

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