Printbook of prints from Epinal with title: Tirages Anciens Imagerie Pellerin a Epinal No. 5.

Printbook of epinal prints. These were prints on popular subjects rendered in bright sharp colours sold in France in the 19th century. They owe their name to the fact that the first publisher of such images – Jean-Charles Pellerin – having been born in Epinal, named the printing house he founded in 1796, Imagerie d’Epinal. With 37 coloured prints among which costumes of carnaval, costumes d’orient, personnages des rues de Paris, galerie de reines de France, Pirame et Thisbe, la belle Bourbonnaise and different portrets of for instance Nicolas II (Emperor of Russia). Original title: ‘Tirages Anciens Imagerie Pellerin a Epinal No. 5’.

Measurements: 310 x 405 mm. Condition: Age-related discolouration with water stains on the cover and some prints are a but tattered.

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