Hogenberg, Frans (ca. 1540-ca. 1590)

Print. Totius Universi Urbibus, Liber Secundus [frontispiece, 1575].

Allegorical title-page of the second volume of Braun & Hogenberg’s ‘Civitatus Orbis Terrarum’. At the top are figures representing Religion [RELIGIO] and Politics [POLITIA], placed on either side of Cybele [CYBELE, SIVE VESTA], who is seated on a chariot drawn by two lions. In the middle is the title, at the bottom are the household gods Penates and Lares. All the characters are introduced by text located close to them. In between, is another device with an old lady working the field with two bulls pulling a plough. On the frame of the device: ‘VRBE CONDENDAE, SIVE COLONIAE DUCENDA ERITUS’.

Engraving on paper, with broad margins, on verso letterpress; plate mark: 353 x 232 mm, total: 420 x 275 mm; despite the exhaustion of the plate, nice impression and page in good condition. Mounted on cardboard.

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