Houbraken, Jacobus (1698-1780) after Troost, Cornelis (1696-1750)

[Portrait print of Cornelis Troost] Cornelis Troost, after 1750.

A remarkable portrait of Cornelis Troost with the tools of the artists. The “painted” self-portrait stands on an easel, with the maulstick from which hangs a laurel wreath. Scattered on the ground the tools of the artist and engraver: a palette with brushes, a compass, the burin, a cast bust, an album with prints and drawings, other books and a framed painting more to the background. On the right are trees. The portrait and the tools are set in a terrace. As this impression is a first state (or at least an early one) on the bottom both title and address are missing. Also, the portrait of Troost appears here brighter, since a layer of cross-hatchings is still missing.

Engraving and etching on paper with margins; plate mark: 373 x 268 mm total: 431 x 309 mm; state I/2 (?); some light foxing otherwise in outstanding condition; Muller 5427a, Ver Huell (Houbraken) nr. 418; Ver Huell (Troost) p. 47.

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