Steen, Franciscus [Frans] van der (ca. 1625-1672) after Hoy, Nicolaas van (1631-1675)

Porticuum prospectus (Part of the picture gallery of the Duke Leopold Willem of Austria in Brussel).

A portion of the picture and sculpture gallery of the Duke Leopold Willem of Austria in Brussel. This two-page print was included in the 1660 edition of “Schilder-thooneel van David Teniers, gheboortigh van Antwerpen schilder ende camer-diender des doorl.ste princen Leopol. Guil. arts-hertogh en Don Ian van Oostenr (…)”. The book contains plates from the Impressive collection of the Duke, mainly composed of Italian Old Masters. Each plate bears the name of the maker and the measures of the paintings. Below on this very print is a caption in Latin: ‘Sunt tres porticus fere aequalis longitud: palmor: scilicet 185 latitud.: 17. His correspondent tres officinae majores longitud: eiusdem, latitud. 46, insuper duae mediocres longitud: et latitud 46, et duae minores tabulae, in universum sunt 1300. statuae 268. / N.v. Hoij del. F. van de Steen S.C.M. sculp.’ The plate is numbered below: ‘245’. The collection is now to be found in Vienna at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. On verso collector’s mark: Comte Raphael Zichy (L.2682).

Etching on paper with tiny margins; plate mark: 278 x 397; total: 290 x 414 mm; slightly yellowed paper, some rust spots and excerpt of handwritten text on the lower margin. Top margin reinforced on the back. David Teniers and the Theatre of Painting, p. 25;

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