Patent of nobility donated by Maximilian III Joseph, Elector of Bavaria (1727-1777), to Philipp (von) Paret for his services as a Lieutenant of the Walloon Dragoon Regiment (‘Wallonischen Dragoner Regiment’).

Bavaria, Munich, d.d. 7 September 1745. Folio. 35x25cm. Full red velvet with worn yellow silk ribbons, front cover a little worn. Bound with black and yellow wire, cut off where the seal was attached, which is missing. (12) pages on vellum. Good condition. Manuscript, calligraphic text with handpainted coat-of-arms in colour and the original signature of Maximilian III Joseph. No seal present. This patent of nobility was issued by Maximilian III Joseph in his first year as Elector of Bavaria, having succeeded his father in January 1745 and at the time of the Austrian War of Succession (1740-1748). Philipp Paret served as a lieutenant in the Walloon Dragoon Regiment (‘Wallonischen Dragoner Regiment’) and earned his nobility and coat-of-arms most likely in the Second Silesian War (1744-1745) for war efforts described in the charter to have taken place in Bohemia, Bavaria and in other regions. He is mentioned as a couragious and loyal soldier (‘Kriegsmann’) and is hencefoth entitled to call himself and all his siblings ‘Von Paret’. H3

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