Braakensiek, Johan (1858-1940)

[Original lithograph/lithografie by Johan Braakensiek] Prins Hendrik Stichting (title on object), 1 p. A man is standing for a group of old-sailors on the shore and collects money in his hat. He collects for the care home (verzorgingshuis de Prins Hendrik Stichting) Prins Hendrik Stichting in Egmond-aan-Zee. In the back ships.

580 x 420 mm. Horizontal crease in the middle. Tear on the rop right, middle left, bottom right. Published by: Phot. Roeloffzen & Hubner. With the text: ‘Och, m’n ouwe maats zouden er ook zoo graag in willen maar…de Heeren zeggen dáár is nog geen geld voor: – Zou daar geen raad voor wezen?’ Signed by Johannes Walter and Johan Braakensiek. Published by Scheltema & Holkema. Print dated 1849-1895.

Lithograph, total: 280 x 370 mm; in good condition.

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