Visscher, Claes Jansz. (1587-1652); after Gheyn, Jacques de (1565-1629)

[Original engraving/gravure] ‘Iustiti over den baeliuw van Zuyt-Hollant, door Willem de Goede, graef van Hollandt etc.’; justice done by Count William III, 1336.

Large sheet with pasted-on images and texts of the history of William III, Count of Holland. Six scenes, numbered 1 to 5 and 7, are accompanied by 16-line verses. The depicted events take place while Count William III is lying ill in Valenciennes, his Bailiff encounters a poor farmer who owns a beautiful cow (1), he takes the cow and replaces it with a worse one (2). The farmer ask Count William III for justice (3), who has the Bailliff sent for (4). After hearing both parties (5), the count rules that the farmer be compensated and the bailiff be beheaded (6). In the centre, an unnumbered image of Justitia, blindfolded, holding a sword and scales, with behind her executions taking place. Above a title in white letters in a black border: ‘Iustiti over den baeliuw van Zuyt-Hollant, door Willem de Goede, graef van Hollandt etc.’. Around and between the images, a stamped decorative border.

Signed: ‘C.J. Visscher excudebat.’ (upper left image); ‘J. de Gheijn inven’; C.I. Visscher excu:’ (central image).

The cut and pasted images and text were originally arranged differently on a larger sheet and included a larger print depicting Willem III’s judgement by Bartholomeus Willemsz. Dolendo.
Formerly in Collectie Nijland (see verso).

Engraving and letter press on paper; total: 618 x 663 mm.; cut out images and text pasted onto paper, backed with cardboard; wear, tears and foxing in the paper, lower left image restored with tape on verso; edges of paper and cardboard worn, with tears at the lower edge and along the centerfold, and restored with paper on verso. Muller 208; Atlas van Stolk 139.

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