Gheyn, Jacob de II (1565-1629)

[Original engraving/gravure by Jacob de Gheyn II] Portrait of Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) with a hat/Portret van de Deense Astronoom Tycho Brahe.

Portrait of Tycho Brahe in a niche with feathered hat. Inscribed at bottom: ‘Effigies Tychonis Brahe Ottonidis Dani / Dñi de Knvdstrvp et arcis Vranienbvrg in / insvla hellispontie danici Hvenna fvndatoris / Instrvmentorvmq astronomicorvm in eadem / Dispositarm inventoris et strvctoris / ætatis svæ anno 40. anno dñi. 1586. compl.’.
Signed at left center: ‘IDGeyn. fe’. Also used as illustration to Brahe’s “Epistolarum astronomicarum Libr.”, published in Uraniborg in 1596.
The engraving is pasted down on another sheet of paper on which bottom is inscribed in brown ink: ‘de Brahe’.

Engraving on paper, pasted down on another sheet; trimmed within plate, total: 305 x 213 mm; in very good condition, despite some yellowing due to the paste down. In passepartout. New Hollstein 239, Wurzbach 2, Le Blanc 114, Nagler 130.

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