Smith, John (1652-1743), the mezzotinter after Titian (ca 1490-1576)

Mezzotint: Shepherd and shepherdess by a fountain (the ages of men) (schaapsherder en herderin bij een fontein, naar Titiaan).

Shepherd and shepherdess seated by a fountain, after Titian; the shepherd, semi-nude and wearing a loose sheet, with his arm around the shepherdess, wearing flowers in her hair and a loose dress; both holding musical pipes; in foreground to right, crook; fountain on the left, with sculpted shell; trees in the background. Signed below: “Titian Invent.” and “I. Smith ex.”

Ganz notes that this is an adaptation of Titian’s ‘Three Ages of Man’ in Edinburgh (Coll. of Duke of Sutherland), as first engraved by Wallerant Vaillant (Holl. 47/Wess. 238; same direction as Smith’s mezzotint). According to Hollstein, Vaillant “probably worked after a drawing attributed to Jan de Bisschop in Amsterdam, inv. 1966:45,” which was copied, in reverse, by an anonymous engraver and published by Pieter Schenck (Holl. 2037) and by Blooteling (Holl. 277).
Smith’s plate is a re-publication of an earlier mezzotint which was copied either from the anonymous mezzotint or the mezzotint by Blooteling.
An impression is included in the Smith album in the NYPL, mounted near prints dated 1707.

On verso collector’s mark: VE in a circle: Pim van Eekelen (Amsterdam 1923-1984), L.5101.

Mezzotint on paper, trimmed close to plate mark; total: 172 x 131 mm; in outstanding condition. Published in London ca 1700.

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