Nieulandt, Willem van II (ca. 1584-1635) - Terranova.

Italian Landscapes with religious scenes [complete series].

Complete series of four plate by Nieulandt representing Italian landscapes with religious figures. Plates are numbered and titled below: ‘1. Angelus iuvenem Tobiam comitatur’ with Tobias and the Angel in the middle of the composition, close to the shore; other figures in the foreground; signed on the bottom right: ‘Guilielmus van Nieulandt / fecit et excud Antuerpie’; 2. ‘Maria cum Iosepho in Aegyptum fugit’ the flight to Egypt in a very unusual context: rather than a landscape with hills and woods, here the scene takes place in the Campo Vaccino in Rome, with ruins, other figures beside an inn and fountain; 3. ‘Satan Christum in Solitudine tentat’ the temptation of Jesus on the left and on the right a mountainous landscape with a river; 4. ‘Christus castellum Emaus petit’ the road to Emmaus between Roman ruins and Egyptian landscape. Rare.

Etching on paper; total: 232 x 324 mm; state I/2; several damages: pl.1 smudges along the margins, tips of the corners damaged and some staining in the sky; pl. 2 some dirt and smudges along the margins; two brown stains in the middle of the composition, on columns; pl. 3 thickend paper, bronw stain on the right, towards the margin, smudges and dirt, possibly restored; pl 4. more severe damages, holes and thin paper in the middle-right region. Hollstein 1-4.

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