Isaac van Haastert (1753-1834) Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801)

[Handcolored Opticaprent/Optical view The Hague/Den Haag] Gesigt, van het Huis de Oranje Zaal (Huis Ten Bosch), published ca. 1770.

Optical print with a view on the Huis ten Bos in The Hague (Huis Ten Bosch in Den Haag). Despite the title of the print suggests that the whole building is called ‘Oranjezaal’, the palace actually only features the so called room. In the square in front of the palace are soldiers on horse and other figures roaming around.

Inscription above (mirrored) “VUE DE LA MAISON APPELLEE ORANIE ZAAL”.; at top right “265”. Below the print the title in four languages: “Gesigt, van het Huis de Oranje Zaal”, “Vuë de la Maison appellee Oranje Zaal.”, “Vista della Casa della Oranje Zaal,” “Gesicht des Lust=Hauses Oranje Zaal”. Left under the titles “Med. Fol. No. 65 “, and the name of the draftsman, bottom right: “Cum Gratia et Privilegio Sac.Caes. Majestatis .”

Signed on the bottom, with the address of the publisher: ‘J. van Haastert fec./ Georg Balthasar Probst, excud. A.V.’

Hand colored etching and engraving on paper; plate mark: 320 x 431 mm; total: 328 x 446 mm.; some foxing, dirt on the top of the plate, a damp stain at bottom right, smudges along the margins; repaired hole on the bottom margin; traces of previous mounting on verso; in fair condition.

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