Luyken, Jan (1649-1712)

[Frontispiece] ‘t Leeven van SIXTUS de vijfde Paus van Rome.

Frontispiece to the biography of Sixtus, the fifth Pope of Rome by G. Leti. Five scenes introduce the book, the middle and wider representing Camilla, the sister of the pope, kneeling and kissing the foot of the brother. Inscribed in the cartouche above: “‘t Leeven van SIXTUS de vijfde Paus van Rome.”

Etching on paper, trimmed to plate and mounted on light cardboard mat; total: 151 x 96 mm; state II/2; some dirt and smudges along the margins and trace of glue on the top left; reasonable condition; Het werk van Jan en Casper Luyken, vol. 1, p. 314, 1617.
Publishing date 1697.

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