Wyngaerde, Frans van den (1614-1679), Jan Witdoek (1615- 642 after), Rubens, Pieter Paul (1577-1640)

[Engraving] The miracle of St. Justus/het wonder van Sint Justus.

The Miracle of St Justus; the saint beheaded standing in the left foreground, holding his own head in his hands; his father Justinus and his uncle Justinianus gazing with astonishment at the chopped off head; ruins partly overgrown with vegetation behind; the murderers, four soldiers of Rictovarius, are leaving on their horses in left background; buildings and landscape in the distance. Lettered within the image, at lower center: “Franciscus vanden Wyngaerde excud.”.
Lettered in lower margin, with production details and four lines of Latin dedication to Balthasar Moretus: “Clariss.mo Viro D. Balthazari Moreto … / … Annum salutis 1639 / bene ominantes. D.D.C.Q.” and “P. P. Rubbens pinxit” and “Joan: Witdoeck sculpsit Antuerpiæ” and “Cum Gratia et priuilegio Regis J. de Berti”. After the painting by Rubens in Bordeaux, Musée des Beaux-Arts, inv.no.6067 (Rooses 467); formerly in the Annunciades Church in Antwerp.

Engraving on paper trimmed to plate; total: 442 x 324 mm; state II/2; on verso, top right corner traces of water stain, light dirt and some restoration. Traces of previous mounting on verso. Light smudges and some dirt on the front especially along the margins. Otherwise in good condition. Hollstein 22.

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