Unknown masters

[Drawings and print on paper] Small drawings and a print, 1750-1800.

Small drawings and a print possibly drawn or intended for alba amicorum.

1. Three designs of simple frames, two floreal and one geometrical, with two mirroring arrows, pointing to each other. On the right an horoborus, or a snake that eats its own tail. It represents ethernity;

2. Two intertwined flowers;

3. A representation of a nest with three eggs watched over by two birds. The nest is hanging between bamboo branches. Monogrammed on the bottom left: P.R.;

4. An allegorical representation of two shaking hands and two eyes beyond;

5. 1833 (dated on verso) allegorical representation, or personification of Friendship; a young woman is writing something on the tree beside her;

6. Colored flowers;

7. An allegorical figure drawing a flower wreath in the shape of a “P”;

8. A carriage being pulled by a group of people. Below the title: “Le retour de la Consolation”;

9. and 10. Two standing female figures.

Drawings and print on paper;
1. 88 x 137 mm; watercolor and brush on paper; 2. 100 x 83 mm; watercolor on paper; 3. 127 x 92 mm, brush and watercolor; pen and brown ink, gilded margins, pasted down on paper; 4. 66 x 144 mm, colored pencil; 5. 87 x 148 mm, pencil, pen and black ink on paper, washed in gray; 6. 114 x 106 mm, on vellum; 7. 56 x 87 mm, color pencils and some wash; 8. 40 x 90 mm, etching; 9. 63 x 68 mm pencil and color; on verso handwritten text in pen and brown ink; 10. 67 x 37 mm; pencil in color; on verso other studies of female profile heads. Overall in very good condition.

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