Unknown Dutch master from the 17th century

Drawing with ink/Tekening met inkt: Ruins of Huis ter Kleef castle near Haarlem (Ruine van Huis ter Kleef nabij Haarlem).

View on the ruins of the “Huis ter Kleef”, a castle near Haarlem.
Shepherds with dogs in front of the ruins. Birds flying in the sky, above the ruins. Dated and signed below, 1649 Maas (or Maes). The date seems original, but the signature doesn’t. In a sale catalog from 2010 (lot. 587) it is considered as a drawing by a young Nicholaes Maes (1634-1693), who in 1650s was beginning with his apprenticeship at Rembrandt’s.
On the bottom right corner, are traces of what seems to be a collector’s mark, stamped in black ink, fashioned as a ramping animal (a lion?) in profile, turned towards the left. [not in Lugt].
See R. van ‘t Zelfde, ‘Josua Breckerveld (1644-1700)’, Delineavit et Sculpsit 23 (juli 2001), p. 11-17, illustrated.

Drawing on paper, in pen with brown ink, washed in grey with some highlights in white. Total: 270 x 404 mm. Pasted down on cardboard, an operation that is contributing to the spreading of foxing, especially on the top region. The drawing was probably divided into two pieces (from a notebook?) and recomposed by pasting it down on a wide cardboard. On the back another date was added in pen and brown ink “1885.” and might refer to the pasting down (the kind of cardboard would be consistent with that period). Other more recent numbers on the backing in pencil. Possibly, the drawing was pasted down due to a minor defect of the paper, located on the shirt of the sitting shepherd. The hole has been repaired from the backing and the lacuna was filled in with pencil. This area extends for less than 5 mm.

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