Unknown master after Guercino ?

Death visiting the house of a poor family (de dood die een arme familie bezoekt).

In the interior of a very poor house, where a family is gathered. The mother is naked in bed, with three little toddlers on her side. On the side of the bed is standing a skeleton (skelet), personification of death. The father of the family is sitting on the bottom right of the picture, with his head resting between his hands. Other four children are probably begging him for food. On the right side is visible a portion of a fire place (open haard). The interior is extremely poor and apparently the mother is praying to God (represented by the sheet of paper hanging above her head, with the design of a cross), possibly to have her children spared by death.

Etching on paper, trimmed within margins; total: 302 x 268 mm; see-through glue traces on the four corners, light smudges. In very good condition. Rare.

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