Centsprent: Deez’ Prent vertoond Gods Zoon, in Smart en Heerlijkheid, / Uw Hart zy vroeg en laat aan zynen dienst gewyd. No. 30.

Catchpenny print. Popular print with various instances in the life of Christ (Christus), reminding the reader of Christ’s sorrows as saviour. Zacharias visited by the angel, the visitation of Mary, Jesus´s birth, His baptism, Nicodemus, Jesus teaching on the Lake of Gennesaret, the Prodigal Son, The Parable of the Tenants, Jesus´s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the Betrayal of Jesus, the Flagellation of Jesus, and the Resurrection.

Amsterdam, J. Wendel en Zoon (1795 – 1842), via de Erve H. Rynders, Amsterdam, whose address is mentioned on the print: ‘by de Erve H. Rynders, in de Tweede Tuin Dwarsstraat te Amsterdam,’ numbered ‘No. 30’ in top right corner.

16 woodcut illustrations (each ca. 45 x 60 mm) on paper; hand coloured in orange and brown; 2-line verses under each image, with citations of the corresponding bible verses, in letterpress; total: 330 x 415 mm; Pro Patria watermark, countermark: ‘GR’, with crown, encircled with branches, (Voorn 1960, nr. 140, pp. 136, 192); folded twice, slightly creased.
De Meyer p. 338, Boerma p. 838 (Wendel 30).

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