Christiaan Hagen (1630/9-1695)

[Antique print, etching] Arx Brittanica/Gezicht op Brittenburg bij Katwijk, published 1695.

Coastal landscape with map of the foundations of the Huis te Britten.

It shows other finds quite schematically. According to the inscription made after a painting in the possession of the Heer van Katwijk, originating from the Heer van Wassenaar, Lord van Duivenvoorde: ‘Aaloude Schildery van ‘t Huis te Britten, in ‘t huis van de Heer van Katwijk uit het Huis vande Heer van Wassenaar, Heer van Duivenvoorde. Gesneden Door C. van Hagen 1695.’

A copy of this plate was used as illustration in various editions of Adriaan Pars’: ‘Catti aborigines Batavorum…’ firstly published in Leiden in 1697. In later editions (see for example the plate at the Rijksmuseum RP-P-1918-748) both the date and the signature are not there anymore.

Etching on paper, mounted on another sheet of paper with a line frame in brown ink; total: 164 x 208 mm; bottom right corner damaged, otherwise in very good condition.

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