Bathel Beham (1502-1540)

[Antique print, engraving] The miser and the miscarriage / De miskraam. ca. 1530.

An elaborate inscribed panel on the right gives more indications on how to read such an enigmatic image. The text is in fact drawn from the Ecclesiastes 6:3: ‘Going through a miscarriage is preferable to a life of avarice’, according to the text. In the picture a frog sits on the shoulder of a standing nude man on the left, who carries two sacks of coins. In front of him a nude woman sitting on the ground, looking at the corpse of a baby lying in front of her. The panel reads: ‘ECCLESIAST. 6 / SPRICHT DER WEIS / MAN EIN GEICZIGER / DER SEINS GVTS / NIT DARE GENISSEN/ VON DEM SPICHT / ER DAS EIN VNCZ/EITTIGE GEBVRT / BESSER SEI / DEN EIN / SOLICH / ER MEN/SCH’.

Engraving on paper, trimmed to plate mark; total: 80 x 52 mm; state III or IV/4; in very good condiion; Pauli 41, Bartsch 38.

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