Welcome to the new website of Antique bookshop Arine van der Steur

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In may 2020, we published this new website with great joy. We can easily add the site by ourselves so we can keep you posted more regularly of the new items and news. This will make it more easy to get an overview in the great amount of books, prints and documents.

The tab NEW shows the last included 60 items: u can see this by clicking the tab NEW.

You can also make an advanced search by category Pints, Books or Manuscripts & Documents or by subject or category. This is all possible on the page Advanced Search.

On the homepage there are 29 subjects with all books, prints and documents belonging to the relevant subject.

Furthermore you can browse by category, placed on alphabetical order (Categories in English will follow soon).

Please email us on info@arinevandersteur.nl in case you have any more questions or encounter any kinks and bugs.